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Top 5 Online Business For Students With No Capital 2020

As students, the first question that comes to our mind is are there online business for students with no capital.

The answer is Yes. There are tons of businesses online which you can start without capital.

Anyone can start making money online with a computer with no technical experience.

You can monitor your business from anywhere you want, schedule your business and work as much as you want your business to grow online.

No marketing or business experience is required. Its a good medium for entrepreneurship.

In this post, I will be sharing with you different ways you can start an online business and make money online with little or no cost.

Top online business for students 2019


This is my most preferred method of making money online. If you have a passion for a subject matter or you are a good writer, definitely, you are ready to make money online with a blog.

Services like permit you to start a blog totally for free. Most people think blogging is all about writing alone. well, it isn’t.

you can post videos, photos, tricks, how-to, share news, share links, and any other thing that relates to your niche.

Your aim is to provide unique content for your target audience and post regularly so as to drive traffic to your blog.

You can make money from blogging in a variety of ways;

Google Adsense

This a pay-per-click ad that appears on your blog. it simple to get, all you need to do is apply for Google Adsense.

once your application is approved, you get a code from google and place it in the header section of your blog. and ads will automatically start showing on your blog.

Anytime someone clicks on ads on your blog you make some few cents or more.

Google will show ads related to your blog so as to maximize the number of clicks you get.

Affiliate Marketing

This is simple. you promote other people’s products by including your affiliate link in your blog post and every time someone buys from your link you get a commission.

with your blog, you can make so many sales. for example, you do a product review and then you include your affiliate link for people to buy the product.

however, blogging requires dedication and consistency.

the key goal is to drive more traffic to your blog by so doing more traffic yields more money.

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online business for students

Dropshipping is a supply chain whereby small business owners don’t need to store goods in bulk or handle any delivery to your customers.

instead, they transfer the customer’s orders and shipment detail to the manufacture or wholesalers, who then delivers the products to the customer directly.

Your aim is to advertise and market the product so as to get customers and make sales. once, the sales deal is done the rest task is done by others.

your only task is to advertise and get new customers. Easy right? you can offer many products with dropshipping.

The disadvantage of dropshipping is, you need to find trustworthy drop shippers. because if an order is not delivered on time or the product is of poor quality you will be blamed.

Also, the dropshipping business model is very competitive. but, one to way to stand out is to put your own label on the product the manufacturer is producing.

If you are interested in dropshipping business, I suggest you consider leveraging Amazon to grow your business, because it is a trusted and established market place.

Affiliate Marketing

online business for students

This is similar to dropshipping. it is basically selling other people’s products and getting a commission on every sale made from your affiliate link.

Basically, you find a profitable niche and then find an affiliate partner like amazon who have products for that niche.

other affiliate partners include; click bank and CJ Affiliate.

With affiliate marketing, you offer products for sale with your unique affiliate link. A potential customer who clicks on your link is taken to your partner’s shop.

once they buy anything you’ll get a commission. the commission you get varies on the affiliate partner.

you can see there are no risks and no investment involved. just like dropshipping, you only advertise and market the product to get more sales.

You can see being an affiliate marketer is simple and easy which is a good online business for students.

As a student, you have plan your well. all you need is just 2-3 hours a day to promote your affiliate link to potential customers.


It is a form blog in which the medium is video. YouTube is the most popular video blog in the world with over 1 billion users. Vloggers are leveraging youtube in other to make money online.

You can also leverage this opportunity by creating viral videos which can be seen by millions of views worldwide.

For you to achieve this, you need to create engaging content that people will want to watch. you can choose any niche to vlog about. for example, how-to videos, product review video and so on.

You can make money from YouTube by first creating an account, then you start uploading engaging videos. then you enable monetization on your YouTube channel.

another way to make money from youtube is through sponsorship.

build a large number of subscribers and views, trust me companies and brands will be willing to pay to promote their products and services.

Note that it’s not important your videos are sleek, they can be simple. just provide engaging and useful content.

Information Products

Internet business is not always about selling physical products online.

in fact, selling information products are the easiest and quickest ways of making money online.

The most popular way to create information products are:

  • Video: webinar, how-tos, and interviews
  • Audio: teleconference, podcast and audio courses
  • Text: eBooks, instruction manual, and travel guide

you can create many information products from the categories listed above and earn a huge amount of money.

it is a sure passive income because even while you are sleeping customers are buying your products from your blog automatically.


The key success of an online business is to go for a profitable niche. so far with you have read I feel you have been able to find out online business for students with no capital.

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