What are the best ways to monetize your business blog?

Understanding what a concept is different from applying it. This is why the best ways to monetize your business blog are widespread, but only a few can make a fortune from it — the whole concept of taking blog surveys, content writing, freelancing, writing eBooks, and webinars. To monetize your business blog is not new, but with the current trend in technology, it makes things easier for both employer and employees to work online from miles away.

If you can manage your online business successfully, you will earn from it. More enticing is that you don’t have to start looking for employment elsewhere. Let’s examine the significant ways on how to monetize your business blog at your convenience.

Blogging has eaten deep into the minds of internet marketers. This makes it an important tool to grow and build your business. You can choose to add a blog to your company website or run it as a separate entity. Whichever you prefer will work for you if only you learn how to attract more potential customers and targeted audience to your blog.

Create a blog that has a specific purpose: to get people to purchase your products or services. The whole process starts with knowing what to blog about to keep an ongoing “sales conversation.”

If you are blogging your hobby, then you are free to relate personal stuff to your audience, but if your blog is business-oriented avoid anything that has to do with your own life no matter how nice they are. Instead, talk about the launching of new products and general sales. This will keep your readers informed and actively involved in your business with ease.

How to monetize your business blog?

To monetize your business blog, start with choosing a high demanding niche. You have to write on specific keywords to draw the attention of potential advertisers. It is also an essential aspect of internet marketing because it helps to drive massive traffic to your business blog. Blogging remains the key strategy for putting your products or services online and making sales with little or no spending. You can monetize your business blog through the following medium.

  • Write tutorials and guides

The internet has become a great place to source for valuable information. But the majority of them can’t get access to the entire information they need. This is where you come in. You can create tutorials on demanding topics for a fee. People will surely buy from you if the content of the tutorials is the exact information they need. If you continue writing a relevant online course, they will see you as an authority and book for your course ahead of the lunching. This is a lucrative way to monetize your business blog audience.

  • Be a consultant

This process is not for beginner’s bloggers. You must have written some large number of articles that your blog viewers see as relevant and helpful to their situations. So, they will trust you when you decide to flag up your consulting services. Remember the best audience, to begin with, are your blog visitors. Once you have built the right reputation, people would love to pay you for your premium services and the time you spend with them. They will subscribe to your consulting service of offering solutions to their problems. This is another cool way to monetize your business blog without disturbing yourself on things to publish. But you must make deep research as a daily routine to stay relevant as a consultant.

  • Host webinar for your blog visitors

Webinar’s takes the form of a live workshop. Your blog viewers have been reading your quality content. It will get to a stage when they are willing to meet you and hear you speak more on certain topic to clarify their thoughts or questions bordering them. In this situation, you can host an online webinar.

monetize your business blog

The best monetization package for webinars is to charge your blog viewers based on the individual virtual seat as you talk and interact with them on a significant topic in your blog niche.

  • Sell advertising space

Another great way you can monetize your business blog is by selling sensitive space. This method is very lucrative because there are no middlemen between you and advertisers. Your advertisers pay according to your advertisement plan.

The difficulty webmasters experience in this type of advertisement is that it requires enough time and commitment to get through the whole process. Your business blog needs massive traffic to be considered by the big-time advertisers.

  • Google AdSense monetization program

You can use Google AdSense to monetize your business blog. This advert is popular among most webmasters online. It cut across different type of websites and different blogging niche. With Google AdSense, you can earn from your blog without stress. It will only take less than a few minutes to sign up an account with them, and 24 hours to a week for approval. But you are required to read and understand their policies. This will enable you to adjust to their terms of usage to get support into the program.

The registration process for Google AdSense requires you to fill all the provided space like your blog domain name, your country, the language used, etc. After which you get an Html code to place in the head body tag of your business blog. When you complete the entire process, they will send you a review message asking you to wait for less than 24 hours to a week while they cross-check your domain. If it meets their policy guidelines, you will get approval. Otherwise, you will be asked to fix something that isn’t right and try again.

When you finally get approval, you will login your AdSense dashboard to create an ad unit. This will automatically generate another Html code containing your publisher ID. Copy and paste it inside a text box on your website or within your post where you want it to appear in your business blog. For WordPress users, there are lots of Ads plugins you can use to accomplish this with ease.

To monetize your business blog with AdSense is quite different from other advertisement programs. It requires a lot of time, consistency, and hard work. Ads will display on your blog based on your target keywords and content. So, maintain your earnings by writing on similar topics.

There are other methods you can use to monetize your business blog, such as writing products reviews, conducting surveys, etc. But you will only get advertisers when you have good traffic.

Let’s hear some of the possible ways you have used or currently using to monetize your business blog. Share with us in the comment session below.

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