How To Zoom In Photoshop?

How To Zoom In Photoshop?

How To Zoom In Photoshop?

Adobe is a huge software developer. And adobe photoshop is one of their biggest developed
software. An application used for photo editing with lots of advanced features and specs.

It is one of the largest consumed software worldwide. It comes with various other forms
like photoshop, photoshop elements, photoshop lightroom, and photoshop cc. Today in this article we will see how to zoom in photoshop.

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How to zoom in photoshop?

While using Photoshop, many situations occur where you have to do detailed work to get
a better experience. In such cases, you have to zoom in photoshop.lets see how it works.

  1. To zoom in photoshop, select tools palette on your screen, there you can see a
    magnifying glass can select it and zoom your screen.
  2. Another way of zooming in photoshop is with your mouse. if you feel selecting the
    zoom tool and zooming it is a longer process then you have an alternative way
    i.e, locate your pointer at the particular spot, that you want to zoom, and then hold the
    alt key and spin the scroll wheel of your mouse to zoom in.
  3. You can use another tool regarding, how to zoom in photoshop. When you open your adobe program you can see at the bottom, a box with some percentage shows your zoom level here you can enter your required value in order to zoom in or out.

These are some processes by which you can zoom in photoshop.there are many tools and shortcuts to zoom in and out, but these are some common and easiest to use.

Note: to zoom out whatever you zoomed in, you can reverse the process.

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