How to curve text in illustrator

How To Curve Text In Illustrator

How to curve text in illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software and design program developed and marketed by Adobe Inc. It is the industry-standard design app that lets you capture your creative vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography.

In Illustrator, when attempting to enter text on a path, the words typically follow along the edge of
the line.

If you use the Type tool, the text will remain along the baseline; all characters will be perpendicular with 00a Vertical Type.

It’s easy to create a text that curves along a path no matter which tool you use, with additional options for altering text effects and placement.

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How To Curve Text In Illustrator

How to curve text in illustrator

Place the text on a curved path

  • Choose a Text Style: In most cases, instead of jutting out perpendicularly, you’ll want the
    text to follow along the path. If so, select the on a path tool Type / Type.
  • Choose a Path: Click on the path you want the text to follow. Click on the Selection tool (i.e.
    the black arrow) to continue tweaking your new object after you’ve finished typing your text.
  • Make Settings: You have the ability to move anchor points and extend paths with the
    Selection tool enabled, just in case your text doesn’t fit. If you work with a closed path, the
    entire shape may also be expanded or contracted.

Move or Flip the Text

  • Select a Path: Click on the text you want to move first. At both ends of the path, brackets
    should appear alongside a center bracket at the midpoint.
  • Move the text: Click the center bracket, then drag it in either direction along the path. Your
    text, while still centered, should follow the bracket. Hold down Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) to ensure the text doesn’t flip to the other side.
  • Flip the text: The center bracket of the path points in the direction your text will be in. Just
    drag the bracket toward the other side to flip it around.

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Change the Text Spacing

  • Open Path Options: Extreme curve paths sometimes spread text in an unattractive way, so
    you’ll need to tweak the spacing value. First, open the path options window by clicking Type,
    then Type On A Path, and finally Options Type On A Path.
  • Set Spacing: Enter a new spacing value and see how the text changes. The higher the value,
    the less extraneous space on a curve between the characters.
  • Select Text: The effects of the path type are not for changing fonts or colors, but for adjusting the direction and width of characters already present. Click on the text you would like to edit to pull up the effects options, then select Type On a Path from the Type menu tab.
  • Choose an Effect: You will be able to choose from five different effects on this submenu —
    Rainbow, Skew, 3D Ribbon, Stair Step, and Gravity.
  • Rainbow: Curve text around a path to perfection.
  • Skew: Some characters will jut at an angle, depending on where on the curved path they are.
  • 3D Ribbon: Like a Rainbow, but the slope of a curved path tweaks the text to the same
  • Stair Step: Text will be straight on a curve but it will stagger individual characters like a
  • Gravity: Extremely curved paths will make the text appear as if it falls down.

The topic explains how you can curve the line in Illustrator and how they can be done using different
methods so that the result comes out to be feasible.

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