When and How to Cancel Auto Insurance

Many people don’t think about the requirement of canceling car insurance. But sometimes, the need arises, “How to cancel Auto Insurance”? Indeed, the law requires all automobile owners to hold a minimum amount of liability coverage.

Also, some states require citizens to have underinsured and uninsured motorist insurance.
However, there are several situations where an individual may cancel some or all his auto coverage.

Therefore, let us talk about when and how one can cancel the auto coverage insurance policy:

How to Cancel Auto Insurance

The steps that must be followed to cancel your car insurance are:

  • Purchase a new policy before the cancellation.
  • Contact your insurance provider.
  • Consult an agent before applying the cancellation.
  • The owner will be asked to sign a cancellation letter.
  • Request a confirmation notice as soon as the process is done.

When you Should Cancel Your Auto Insurance

How to cancel Auto Insurance might seem a good or useful one under certain situations; however, it comes with several risks. It would be best to understand when does it makes financial sense. Some of the circumstances under which one should send their cancellation notice are:

  • When you don’t own a car: A person may cancel his car insurance if
    they sell a car with no plans to replace it. One must never discontinue
    the coverage until the new owner takes possession.
  • When you want a better deal: To get a better rate, you may opt for a
    stitching insurance provider. One must always keep in mind that switch
    to a new policy before leaving the current one. One such best time to switch insurers is the end of each policy term. Start your purchase for a new insurance 5-6 weeks before the end of the policy term. Therefore, one will have enough time to secure new insurance.
  • When you want to Move: If your current insurance company does not cover your current state of residing, you will have to purchase a policy from the in-state service provider. However, one must arrange a policy in advance to avoid a lapse in coverage.
  • When you want less coverage: You might wish to drop comprehensive or collision coverage if you are an older car owner. However, one must amount to risk before dropping any coverage.
  • When no one is driving: If you are well aware that no one will be driving the vehicle at your place for an extended period, then you might end up canceling your insurance policy.

If a policyholder considers the cancellation of his policy, he/she must make sure the right time to do so. The insurance company sets its premium based on an individual’s history in the insurance sector. It is why a coverage gap, even for some days, may lead to an increase in premiums when someone decides to buy one. The longer the gap coverage occurs, the more changes it brings to your Car insurance.

Along with when to cancel Motor Insurance, it is also essential when not to do
so. Some of such situations are:

  • When you have specific life changes: Don’t consider canceling your car insurance when you get divorced or married. If you include your source in the policy, this might be another benefit for you, i.e., a multi-purpose discount.
  • When you drive: When an individual plans to continue driving, he must not cancel his auto insurance policy. It puts you and your close ones at risk. Alongside, is illegal too.

When you’re only temporarily not driving: Some companies allow you to suspend your policy coverage if not used for 30days or more. However, one must not cancel his car insurance due to non-driving for few days. The cancellation may lead to putting your life at risk in case of instant drive.

When your premium is high: One must not consider canceling the policy due to a higher premium rate. Few companies offer a discount on the premium rates. Discounts can be grabbed based on safe driving or reporting high-end security features like antilock brakes and airbags. The policyholder can also contact his agent to know about the discounted


How to cancel auto insurance might sound like a positive action in case of specific situations. However, the decision could prove wrong when not adequately planned. Auto insurance covers your car from external risk facts and acts as a positive factor in your travel journey. Ultimately, how to cancel auto insurance should not be instantly implemented.

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