Hard Money Loan Calculator

Hard money is the best way to finance rehabs and properties. Hard money loan calculators are generally approved based on the value of the property. It is not easy to calculate the hard money loans manually. Here is a hard money loan calculator to calculate how expensive it will be.

How Does a Hard Money Loan Calculator Work?

However, Hard loan money is used for the short term, which can be ideal for flipping. But it can cost you a lot; therefore, it is essential to examine the cost. A hard money calculator will calculate the interest charges, loan amount, upfront costs, and total costs you need to pay the loan.

Moreover, the hard money calculator generates the amount based on whether the loan is pegged to purchase price or need after repair value. Accordingly, the hard loan calculator will stimulate the down payment amount. If there are chances for cash coming to you, that amount is also calculated by a calculator.

Also, the interest points are converted into dollar amounts from percentages. Upfront and ongoing – the total costs will be provided by a hard loan calculator.

Inputs of Hard Money Calculator

There are specific figures required to enter in the Hard Money Calculator. The purchase price, repair costs, interest rate, loan term, upfront points, and feed need to be added in the calculator.

Rate of Interest

Enter the expected interest rate for funding. The mortgage rate offered by banks and private lenders is different. However, the interest rate varies from 6.90 to 18% compared to the current mortgage rate, i.e., 4%.

Buying Price

Enter the buyer’s price. If you don’t know the purchase price, you can enter the estimated, projected, and expected purchased price.

Cost of repairing

Enter the anticipated costs for raptors here. However, the repair costs consist of both materials used for repairing and the costs of labor.

Anticipated After Repair Value

ARV consists of the total cost of repairs and renovation. However, if you are using a fix and flip, enter the property’s estimated resale costs.

Funding type

Select the funding your lender is providing. Therefore, enter the purchase amount, after repair value or purchase cost.

Enter the funded amount

However, enter the anticipated total loan amount your lender will give. Also, choose between 40% to 100%

Duration of loan

Usually, hard money loans are short term loans. You can choose one month to 24 months as the duration of a loan. It will help you to calculate the interest charge.

Loan Organisation fees

Usually, private money lenders charge more interest than traditional mortgage rates. Points are considered as prepared interest; one point represents 1 % of the loan. However, you can select from one to seven-point.

Outputs of Hard money calculator

Hard money calculator output consists of several figures. The output figures
included: down payment amount, borrowed amount, upfront costs,  ongoing
costs, and the total amount of loan.

Amount of loan

The loan amount represents the money you can borrow for a loan. However, the amount of loans includes repair price, AVR, purchase cost, plus repairs.  It entirely depends on the total purchase price provided.

Deposit amount

A hard money calculator can calculate the down payment figure based on the funding ratio you can supply. For instance, if the loan is lent on the purchase price + repair costs or ARV, the down payment might show you 0$.

Closing Cash

Sometimes, the approved amount can be more than the purchase price. A Hard loan calculator will calculate the amount for cashback at closing.  Besides, this cash at closing does not consist of the loan fees or points. If the anticipated amount is more considerable than the amount required for purchase, the lender can ask you for a down payment.

Interest costs

Hard money calculated can give you a total amount of interest. However, it includes the interest rate and holding period, as you have mentioned in the calculator.

Total Costs of Loan

The total costs of hard money loans indicate hard money funding. It will be the addition of upfront costs and ongoing costs.

How to find Calculator Hard Money loan Calculator Inputs

You should have a few pieces of information before calculating any figure on a hard money calculator.

Required Additional information:

  • Maximum and minimum loan amounts
  • Interest rates on the loan amount
  • Origination fees of the loan
  • Duration of loan
  • Estimate repair and renovation costs.

The terminology you should know before using a Hard money calculator.

  • Loan to Value (LTV) – Percentage on appraised value.
  • Loan to Cost (LTC) – However, LTC includes purchase costs, repair
    costs, and other extra costs required for the property.
  • After repair value (ARV) – The amount required for repair and

Application form for Hard Money Loan

However, you are in the flipping houses business or renovating a rental property; you need to provide some information to the lender.

Information that lender may ask for:

  • Property information – Location, square feet, condition.
  • A budget of the project – However, lenders may ask for the past project
    information or the contract’s total budget.
  • Project duration – Besides this, the lender would like to know about the
    timeline of the project.
  • ARV – Moreover, the lender can ask you about the total amount after
    repair and renovation. Do market research and analyze the estimated
    amount required for repairing.

Personal information

  • Each lender will ask you about the minimum credit score.
  • Moreover, the lender may ask for the verification of your income.
  • Besides this, they can ask for the bank balance, investment, and other
    personal financial data.


Hence, a hard money calculator is the best way to calculate the total loan amount required for a specific property. However, a hard money loan depends on the value of the property.

As the hard money loan is for a short duration, it can be expensive for you. A hard loan calculator can calculate the amount based on the value of the project. Undoubtedly, you can calculate the total amount to be paid after taking a loan.

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