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How to create a blog post that attracts visitors to your business websites

When writing a post for your corporate blog, what are the structure you input to attracts visitors to keep them returning to your business blog? What you write and how it is written is of utmost importance to your reader’s satisfaction and the lifespan of your blog. There are several features your blog visitors find appealing when reading your content. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking it. Below are guidelines you should follow to create a blog post that attracts and engage visitors.

Before you start writing even your first post, it is essential you know those you are writing to, and what they are searching for online. Some internet marketers fail even when then use the best blog post template because they guess who their audience is. This is completely wrong. Instead of doing guesswork, I recommend you make use of available data-driven statistics online that focus on your industry research and niche analysis of your competitors.


This looks a bit strange, but it isn’t. There are lots of SEO tools you can use to search for keywords in your business niche potential customers are searching for. See some of the popular marketing tools below.

  1. SEMRush

This is a paid SEO tool that makes it easy for you to research your competitors, see what they are ranking for, where most of their blog visitors are coming from, etc. It’s the right tool to create a blog post that will attract visitors to your business websites.

  1. Twitter advanced search

With this tool, you can quickly type your keyword using the filter “questions,” and it will display trending questions in your niche people are searching for.

  • Start your blog post with a compelling headline

With a good and compelling headline, your blog post stands a chance to reach your target audience, who will read them and take action. The same way people judge a book by its cover that is the same way your blog visitors are likely to judge your post by its title. For this reason, you should learn the philosophy of creating post headlines because it has a lot to do with the success of your internet marketing.

You can make use of EMV headline analyzer it will help you find the marketing value, and suggest a better one for you to improve the quality of your blog post.

  • Make use of subheadings to categorize your ideas

Some bloggers see lengthy articles as clumsy, but the truth is there are certain topics you will like to create a blog post on that can’t go below 2,000 wordcounts. In this instance, you can make use of subheadings to categorize your points. Every part of a length blog post is important, but some persons are searching for specific answers to your questions. With subtitles, they can quickly glaze through the part of the article they need to read.

Think of a paragraph with 500 wordcounts; it will scare readers away because they see your blog post as clumsy, and they don’t have the time to go through it. Helping your readers read your articles is part of your duty as a blogger. Create a blog post that is user-friendly so that they can take the action you want them to take.

  • Use bullet points to introduce a fresh idea

Many people go online daily to search for specific information to quickly answer impending questions. For this reason, they skim through your post before they read. This is why you should make use of a bullet point to highlight relevant information to ensure your readers don’t spend more time to get the real facts.

  • Add images to your post

Some bloggers create a blog post with the impression of filling it all with text. The content of a blog post is more than that. Apart from using text, you can make use of images, infographics, maps, etc. to explain your points in details. The human brain processes more of graphics content faster than text. This is why adding images to your blog post is required to boost engagement.

There are lots of graphics platforms online where you can get free images from. Some of the sources include, royalty-free photos, among several others. Graphics are what makes a great blog post. So, learn to make use of it each time you create a blog post.

  • SEO Optimization (on-page SEO)


Onpage SEO refers to the structure of your articles that makes it rank top in popular search engines. Never create a blog post without SEO in mind. Search engines like Google and Bing drive massive chunk of visitors to a business blog. How to make a blog post rank fast is to follow some SEO tips each time you create a blog post. See some of the suggestions below;

  1. Low, competitive keywords

To outrank your competitors, you have to make use of SEO tools to research the keywords with higher search volume but low competition. Pick about 5 of such keywords to write a single post. This is one of the best blog post formats for corporate blog writing.

  1. Use the right meta title
  2. Include your keywords in your meta description
  3. Optimize your post for focus keywords
  4. Add image link and alt attribute
  5. Interlink related post
  • Add call-to-action

Call to action on your post can be blog visitors to leave comments, follow your page on social media, share your blog post to friends, make a purchase, etc. Whichever it is, make sure it is clear enough for your viewers to understand what you are asking them to do.

For example, if you enjoy reading from this post and you find it useful in resolving an issue, you can as well share with friends to help them too. This kind of call to action has a way of increasing your blog traffic and helping you reach your potential customers with ease.

You can relate the challenges you face each time you create a blog post in our comment session below.

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