Best Office Chair Under $200

3 Best Office Chair Under $200 2021

Enough of those expenses spent on previous carts for an ergonomic chair around $200, only to realize they do not worth it, after a few days of purchase. In this article, everything needed has already been done for you to spend that money saved to get the best office chair under $200.

This list is a group of well-known brands in the industry, that sticks comfort on every product newly manufactured, with a touch of quality and smooth experience. All products are of long-lasting materials.

Hence, you are set to get the maximum satisfaction for a minimum price. Prices of these chairs may be Bellow or on $200, you will need to check the price of your choice before purchasing it.
The three best are:

  • Giantex Office Chair
  • Hbada Reclining Office Chair
  • Nouhuas Palette Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under $200 2021

Gaintex Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under $200

One of the reasons why this product is on the best office chair under $200 is that it has an adjustable headrest and a tilt-down making, with bi-directional lumbar support. This office chair is also under $200 because you got to also enjoy lots of features for a minute price.

A metal frame made with high-quality materials is coupled with robust lumbar neck support and a thick seat cushion. The lumbar neck is moderately high with adjustable firmness. Your back gets to be massage by the S-shape backrest contours.

This kind of making will lead to a huge difference, in case you have back pain. A breathable mesh is also attached to help in times when the Sun seems to be sitting around your head like a face cap. The backrest can recline up to 135 degrees— what a level of relaxation and comfort for naps!

An adjustable armrest and mesh seat is a good idea. The Gaintex Office Chair as one of the best office chairs under $200, grants her users a 90-day guarantee after the purchase.

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  • Bi-directional lumbar support
  • Headrest
  • High-quality metal frame
  • Neck support
  • Ultra seat cushion
  • S-shape backrest contour
  • Breathable mesh


  • Total comfort for relaxation
  • The lumbar support helps with back pain
  • A controllable angled contour for your neck
  • One of the best office chair under $200, trust is guaranteed


  • Some people complained that the cushion is too firm

Hbada Reclining Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under $200

Hbada is made in a racing style with lumbar support, it could be mistakenly called a high-end office chair, due to its nice contours and hefty seat frame. Just within the range of $200, you have one of the best office chairs.

Perfectly designed to look just like the natural shape of a human body, is the whole headrest and back, giving you comfort and excellence without compromise. Hbada Chair’s height and angle are all adjustable. At 30 degrees does the headrest move to grant the exact support your head needs.

While the back can go 156 degrees backward, accompanied by a smooth footrest that pours a reservoir of stretch-out like water on you when you decide to take a nap— isn’t that beautiful? You also have an adjustable and breathable mesh right before your eyes, a great experience during summer. This mesh is flexible and free to adjust.

Versatile in its make and eye-opening in its take, you will enjoy the white exoskeleton combined with a black finish vogue. Something appreciated by lovers of amazement. All these for just $200, tell me why you won’t call it one of the best office chairs under $200?


  • Contours and Hefty seat frame
  • Headrest
  • Footrest
  • Breathable mesh
  • Exoskeleton


  • High-end make with ergonomic touch
  • A gorgeous look with the exoskeleton style
  • The headrest is made just in form of a human back for utmost comfort
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • 30 degrees headrest pivot to support the head
  • An easy to regulate footrest


  • There are complaints that the footrest isn’t that nice

Nouhuas Palette Office Chair

Best Office Chair Under $200

Quite appealing with a 5 color choice with nice lines for beautiful views in offices and homes. Coupled with the amazing and comfortable features to make it one of the top-rated office chairs under $200.

Unlike others listed above, it has a breathable mesh making, but this time, called an upholstery palette chair, named ElastoMesh, with a soft feel, and fabric-like in its texture. It also has a backrest to dish your body the comfort it deserves.

The lumbar support, adjustable height plus the S-shape line, is purposely designed for your back. You have a 2:1 ratio over the synchro-tilt mechanisms for a great movement your back will whisper to you while you work. The Nouhuas Palette Office Chair is just too good to be one of the best $200 office chairs you can get.


  • A stylish office chair with 5 colour choice
  • Suitable for both office and home
  • A breathable mesh for a soft feel
  • Backrest to smoothen your back
  • A supportive lumbar support
  • Adjustable height to suit whatever length
  • Great comfort for your back


  • 5 colour choice
  • Breathable mesh
  • A backrest
  • Footrest
  • S-shape backline
  • 2:1 Synchro turning mechanism


  • You can only tilt the backrest, it can’t be reclined
  • It doesn’t have a neck support

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