What are the benefits of email marketing to corporate websites?

Email marketing has been around for some years now, and it remains a vital tool for internet marketers. It’s very useful in connecting with your business leads, engaging them, and turning them to regular customers. The benefits of email marketing gave it an edge over other marketing platforms.

In this post, we will enlighten you on the major benefits of email marketing to your business websites, and how you can acquire emails to generate leads for sales.

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most preferred digital marketing mediums, which involves sending email campaigns to potential customers. Marketing through email is highly effective it doesn’t only turn your target audience into customers but also raving fans.

For those who are ready to dedicate time and resources into e-mail marketing, this is the right guide for you. This post will enlighten you on different sections you can use to make your marketing productive. Despite the continuous rise in the use of social media platforms for quick marketing, unsolicited spam mail marketing (which is considered a bad practice and marketing strategy). Marketing via email remains an effective way to grow business leads and turn them into returning customers.

What are the types of email marketing?

Despite the huge benefits of email marketing, creating a simple email marketing plan for small business is challenging. They lack the required time to plan simple email campaigns; all they are used to is announcements and run promos.

But the best marketing emails are those that engage subscribers. This is the only way to keep them active and look forward to reading your emails before it arrives. The right email marketing strategy will make your subscribers have your business in mind.

For this reason, avoid the mistake of sending the same types of emails for all your promotions, it bore your subscribers. Below are some of the email campaigns you can send to your subscribers that will engage and compel them to make a purchase.

There are two significant categories of email marketing you can use to market your business: engagement emails and transactional emails. All other types of email marketing fall under these two categories. Engagement emails take the form of sales letters, storytelling, etc. While transactional emails are related to special offers on sales

The content of engagement emails and that of transactional emails are different but sometimes overlap. An engagement email is written to motivate buyers to take action and make a purchase. A transactional email, on the other hand, has some convincing writeups. This makes the two categories a bit confusing to many online marketers. Check out the different types of product promotion and sales email under these two categories below.

  • Engagement Emails

Engagement emails take the form of business branding and storytelling. These categories of emails come in kind of lifestyle write up, strategically written to put your products and services in the minds of your subscribers. They are not sales driven. Their function is to increase the interest rate of subscribers even when they are not buying yet.

The nature of this marketing is arguable to be the best marketing email because it creates a special relationship between business owners and customers. When they finally made up their mind to make a purchase, they get special offers as an existing email subscribes and for first time purchase.

If you can’t write engagement emails yourself, please hire someone to create it for you. To enjoy the benefits of email marketing, you can attach or embed creative video presentation to keep your subscribers engaged.

Below is some engagement email marketing you can use for your internet marketing to engage customers.

  1. Welcome emails

Welcoming emails are the type of emails received by first-time subscribers; they are asked to perform their first task, which is confirming their email address. Since this is their first time of receiving emails from you, try to make it inviting and worth the next step. According to the Experian study, most people prefer to click on welcoming email than promotional emails. So, make it short and enticing.

  1. Tips and Tutorial Emails

Email marketing is from the two words Email and marketing. Each time you send email to your subscriber, make sure you include informative and educational tips. Don’t just introduce them to your products, show them how to use it, and the value they stand to get from purchasing your products. The benefits of email marketing are mostly from how-to tutorials and exclusive tips from business owners.

Teaching your email subscribers something new can cause some significant changes in their life that can be associated with your brand. It is a great way to popularise your products and services to subscribers who are likely to become loyal customers.

  1. Customer Stories

Customers stories are like interviews or testimony of other customers who discovered your products through email marketing, make a purchase and find the products useful. Customer stories are very effected in email marketing because it comes from other customers; your subscribers will be interested. They will want to purchase your product to have some experience and build a sensible community.

  • Transaction emails

Transaction emails, as its name implies, are relevant to keep track of sales or transactions your subscribers had with your brand. Unlike the engagement function of the previous category we discussed, transaction emails are targeted at initiating or closing sales.

They are mainly used to send reminders or updates on customers orders. This is one of the benefits of email marketing that triggers customers to make a purchase or complete an order in cart. Below are the types of transaction emails you should know.

  1. Cart Abandonment Reminders

When people visit your corporate website to make a purchase, they sometimes get stuck by a network issue or distracted by other things. They may not remember to complete the order. In this instance, you can send them a one-time transaction email to remind them they left something on a cart. This way, they will make a purchase.

  1. Time-Sensitive Promotional Emails

This type of emails includes sales promotion on offers that may expire soon. It could be an offer or availability of a scarce service or product. It can also be promo code that splash prices of expensive products. The benefits of these promotional emails are to make quick sales.

  1. Receipts Emails

It’s normal for online stores to send receipts after purchase, but receipts emails can do better than just emailing receipts on confirmed orders. It can also attach links to related products or products you can use with the ones you bought for additional functions. This is the best way to get other sales or returns to your business using receipts emails.

If you have successfully tried out the categories of emails in this post, you will notice subscribers react to each of them in different ways. Try to give discounts, after all; a special bonus motivates them to purchase your products.

To share your experience on the benefits of email marketing to your business. Leave a reply in our comment session below.

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