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7 Major features of a corporate blog for internet marketers

Sometimes blogs take the form of an online journal; at other times, it’s a resourceful tool for internet marketing. The features of a corporate blog make it easy for opinionated writers and internet marketers to write their views on trending business issues or products reviews to boost sales. It remains the best online platform where individuals, groups, or corporate bodies voice out their business to reach millions.

Now that you have decided to add a corporate blog to your business website, what are the features of a corporate blog, you need to become successful?

Before creating a corporate blog, or employing a team of bloggers to form a web department in your company, take some time to do some research on the significant features of a corporate blog. It is needed to outrank your competitors. This is one crucial step you must have to pass through to be sure your corporate blog will do well in your niche. Below are some of the significant blog features popular business in your niche is using to top the competition.

Features of a Corporate Blog

  • A blog should be dynamic

One major question and area of confusion from blog views is, how does a blog relate with a corporate website? I understand your confusion. They both pass information to customers, but the structure of a blog and the regular updates of the information it presents differentiate it from a business website. A business website is created to display static information about your business. This information may last for years with little or no changes. The features of a corporate blog are structured to engage your business customers. This is why we can say a website is static, while a corporate blog is dynamic.

The information written on a website is shown on static pages. They require little or no updates. Corporate blogs take the form of an online diary; it includes the date of publication and meta tags. Organic content and regular updates. These are the main features of a corporate blog.

  • Post are arranged in chronological order

Unlike a personal diary where information is written in a notebook, a blog post is arranged in categories and tags. It displays in reverse chronological order. Each time a new post is published, it appears on top of the previous ones. The last post continues to go down the post category until it completely disappears from the homepage. To refer to an old post, make use of the load more button. You can also search for Archie through the date or year it was published.

  • Most corporate blogs have a similar structure

Right from the header, main menu, to navigation menu you will notice it is almost the same in most corporate blogs. Although these features of a corporate blog can be customized, only a few business owners have the time for customization.


The main content area is structured to create a great first impression. You can arrange your blog post by popularity, arranged with the highest number of comments, or by publishing date. You will also notice some compulsory pages like the contact page, about us, privacy policy, disclaimer, site map, etc. The sidebar displays some post you will like your audience to read, social profiles and a call-to-actions like email newsletter widget.

  • Relevant content

If you are not ready to update your blog regularly with relevant content, I think you should stick to your corporate websites. Relevant content is king. The level of success you will experience in your internet marketing is 90% of your content. Same applies to failure. This shows how relevant the content of your corporate blog is.

A blog post is written differently. Most bloggers believe in the power of written words. But it’s often said that what is said is of less important than how it was told. For this reason, I will like to differential a blog post from an article.

An article is a set of instructions, guides, latest news post, etc. Monotonous chunks of text are always separated from the video’s images.

A blog post may not necessarily be text; it can be a picture with few texts like it is with travel blogs and fashion. But it is not common for corporate blogs to write texts, especially when they are writing on product reviews. They make use of the best blog features, such as infographics and illustration videos. No matter your business niche, the importance of any blog, is in its published content.

  • Write attention-grabbing headlines


While content is regarded as king, the headlines of your blog post is an art in itself. Headlines have a way of attracting your target audience. This makes it one of the unique features of a corporate blog. This is an excellent tool in the hands of internet marketers. Most popular blogs use catchy headlines to generate massive traffic to their corporate blogs and persuading a reader to read more of the content through exciting sub-headings. When people search keywords relating to your niche on search engines, the headlines of your article is what will persuade them to visit your blog. So pay attention to the philosophy behind writing catchy blog headlines.

  • Blog post links

Each time you publish a new post in your corporate blog, a new link is generated. The links are as important as the content written. Without links, your post won’t display on search engines. It is also a promotional strategy for internet marketers. Blogs and links go together, even if you are running a personal blog, if your blog is without a link, it is suitable for nothing. Because nobody can locate your post to read from it.

You can choose to link related post with each other within your blog to increase the level of engagement or exchange links with different blogs in your niche. When links are exchanged with other blogs, it increases your blog traffic and helps your post to rank fast.

  • Communication

Blogs do not exist in a vacuum; it was created to pass information across to a target audience. Every blog post created is to communicate with your target audience, convincing them to buy your products or patronize your services. This is enough reason for all bloggers to be more concerned about their blog comment session where the real conviction takes place.

Whether your corporate blog is for product reviews, marketing of products or services. You have to spend time to create quality posts to reach out and communicate with your target customers.

Tell us your experience with different features of a corporate blog you are currently using via our comment session below.

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