Best Projectors under $200

3 Best Projector Under $200 2021

Spending an amount of money you got through savings on an adulterated product, isn’t something you would want to encounter. We made thorough research to compile a list of the best projector under $200.

You could be overwhelmed with a couple of brands you see online, displaying a lot of features and models, meanwhile, you have an urgent event at hand that requires swift decision-making; we got you covered. Do yourself good by reading on the top-rated and standard projectors around $200.

Here are the top three on our list of projector under $200:

  • Artlii 5500 Lux Full HD 1080P Support Projector
  • Yaber V2 Wifi Mini Projector
  • Goodee 2021 Upgrade

One of the things you need to note before purchasing a projector is the number of lumens, the size of the screen; is it big enough or very small. We have done enough research, you can rely on this, trust me.

Best Projector Under $200

GooDee 2021 Upgrade

Best Projectors under $200

Being one of the best projectors under $200, it has 80% brightness, and a 3000:1 ratio of hue to make the projected colour distinguishable. The brightness whenever an image is projected can be amazing in an outdoor event, low light, or even in a camp.

The video quality is beyond this world, it functions as 1080P Full HD with 1280″ 768p in image display. With standard and quality out in check while manufacturing, this projector can be used without any disturbance, it is noiseless.

A gigantic display I would say, because it is on ratio 16:9 or 4:3, and a great display of 230″, and 98 inches for the screen length I plus 10 feet. Coupled with 3-Watt inbuilt speakers, giving you a fantastic wave of sounds for ultimate comfort.

Incredibly, you do not need any other speaker, because it has a Hi-Fi stereo and an SRS sound system that would definitely give you an amazing sound to cool your mind and watch whatever is being displayed. Tell me why it won’t be one of the best projectors under $200?

With a 5-year factor aid, you get to enjoy as you connect as many multimedia ports as possible, like TV, Smartphones, Xbox, Firestick, PS3, PS4, and many others can be easily connected.


  • 1080P Full HD
  • 12 x 9.36 x 4.68″ product dimension
  • 300 ANSI LUMEN
  • 4.9ft – 18ft in distance
  • Black in colour


  • The cooling system us extremely fantastic
  • When charged fully, you got just 30,000 hours of lamp life
  • Two-type stereo speakers for amazing sound
  • With 5 pounds, you got a light weight to make it portable
  • One of the best projector under $200


  • Images are dull when displayed in a very bright environment
  • It hangs when playing games

Artlii 5500 LUX Full HD 1080P Support Projector

Best Projectors under $200

For a breath-taking experience, it has a 200-inch screen that shows extremely great colours, with a 3-watt inbuilt stereo sound as you view your most interesting event, movies, or shows. You got to have a noise-free experience and a pretty exciting cooling system that protects the projector from overheating.

Meaning that even if you used too many hours, there will be no effect on the projector. So bright that most displayed images are on a 3000:1 contrast, and 5000 LUX resolution. On the other hand, the projector stand and the HDMI and AV cable is a perfect match.

Artlii HD Pixel Support Projector is as light as paper, making it portable while you are set for film nights, gaming, travelling, camping, and lots more.

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  • 1080p picture quality
  • 3000:1 in contrast
  • 5.5 pounds in weight


  • Long-lasting lamp life
  • Noiseless
  • Amazing cooler
  • Two-type stereo speakers


  • You can zoom in out
  • The adjustment is uneasy to decipher

Yaber V2 WiFi MINI Projector

Best Projectors under $200

When we talk about the best projector under $200, Yaaber is one. An exciting feature is that it has a wireless screen monitor, which can be used for iOS and Android devices. This unit can display multimedia, such as image, games, videos etc. You can also connect it to your mobile device for a giant display, all done wirelessly.

You can control the zooming all without touching the projector, the remote alone, is enough to do just that. This Yaber projector comes along with an SCT screen, giving you a perfect view close to 25% when checking from the front-end.

With the diversity in multimedia, you can get your Chromecast, TV Box, PC, Stick TV and phone connected. To reduce the amount of power your lamp consumes, the LED projector has SmarEco technology. The lamp life is just can take you for 1,000,000 hours on the go.


  • SRS Sound system
  • 5500 lumen
  • Wireless screen monitoring
  • AV, HDMI, VGA, TF, and USB ports
  • 4.09 pounds


  • Noiseless
  • Long-lasting lamp life
  • Very light and portable
  • Noiseless temperature manager
  • The screen monitor is wireless


  • This projector does not have AUX cable
  • For outdoor activities, an external sound system will be needed


Technically, you have everything you need for quality visuals, long-lasting experience, durable and ergonomic experience. The above listed are good for the eyes, but you avoid direct contact because it can cause harm. With a great balance with your budget, I trust you’ve gotten a choice, haven’t you?

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